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Celeritate Logistics: Your Trusted Transport Partner

At Celeritate Logistics, we are driven by the belief that 'Nothing's Too Far'. We partner organisations in achieving their most audacious logistics & transports requirements, take up every challenge, cross every terrain and overcome each roadblock that comes in the way. Be it a single package, bulk cargo or Odd Dimensional Cargo, we have the wherewithal to reach the distance.

Who We Are?

What We Are ON THE ROAD TO SUCESS: - Road transportation is the economic lifeline of our Country. But it presents tremendous challenges and demands special expertise to succeed in the field. Reaching far-flung areas of the Indian sub-continent, battling varied climatic conditions; surmounting terrain that ranges from plains to hilly regions and traversing the existing road conditions is, indeed, a Herculean task. Today, India is emerging as one of the top global markets and is becoming the logistic hub of Asia. Moreover, massive investments are pouring into various manufacturing and service sectors that is giving tremendous impetus to the transport and logistics industry, auguring well for a bright and promising future. In this scenario, a new name has emerged that is destined to make its mark on the industry and create a distinct niche in the Cargo Transportation and Logistics Solutions segment – Celeritate Logistics.

BRIDGING THE DISTANCES: - In the endeavor to link producers and consumers across the country, we have a nation- wide network of strategically located branches. Swift and safe movement of cargo to distant corners is facilitated by a fleet of vehicles, comprising HCVs, MCVs, ICVs, LCVs, Containerized Vehicles, Open Trucks and Trailers. As India gears up to move ahead on the road to development, you can be sure Celeritate will play a leading role as a major moving force.

Why Choose Celeritate

WITH YOU, ALL THE WAY: - All our efforts are directed towards taking the burden off your shoulders, offering you never-before levels of service and tailor-made solutions, and displaying deep respect for your time and money.

THE TEAM WITH A DIFFERENCE: - An organization is only as good as its team. As a totally customer-oriented company, we have reposed utmost faith in our personnel to live up to the ideal. Each member of the Celeritate team is fully committed and dedicated to serve you to the best of their ability. Each one of them is determined to make it a pleasant experience for you to deal with us through their pleasing demeanor and courteous approach. Their reward is the smile of satisfaction upon your face. In any industry, service score that our people make that vital difference

Timely delivery, commendable performance and convenient service with international standards are some of our best specialties. For the same reason, customers believe and prefer us when it comes to shift to the new location. As a matter of fact, we are a prominent name in the market. Till date, we have successfully catered a large number of clients. Some of our proud clients are…
(1) Shyam Metalics
(2) Jainco Transmission Limited
(3) ArcelorMittal Nippon Steel India Limited
(4) Sika India
(5) Jaypee India Ltd.
(6) Maco Corporation India Pvt. Ltd.
(7) Mitra S K Pvt. Ltd
(8) Sharma Screen Corporation (Scaffolding Manufacturer)
(9) Suyog Agro & Poultry Products Private Limited
(10) Discovery Marketing Group
(11) Freelance
(13) Rts Power Corporation Ltd
(14) BCL Industries Ltd
(15) Kinetic Process Technology India Pvt Ltd
(16) Hindware
(17) Bhutani International Pvt Ltd
(18) Shyam Sel & Power Limited
(19)BMW Industries Limited
(20) USUPSO India
(21) Subham Poles Projects Pvt. Ltd.

and many others.
Thus, leave all the hesitations behind and let us help you shifting to the more convenient and promising place in a quick time

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